We believe that passion makes a difference.

That people who get to do what they love become the best. For us, that passion is people and products. We love developing both of them.

Project extracts

To be able to develop according to my Personal Mission Statement, I am now attending the Value Based Leadership course. I find it extremely valuable to look through my written statement once in a while, to remind myself of who I am and what I want to achieve.” Caroline WORKING WITH PRE-DEVELOPMENT FOR CUSTOMIZED TRUCKS

More from our employees

  • ” People are always surrounded by different kinds of problems. I chose this job because I wanted to be the one providing the solutions. ”
    Jens Harness responsible for Chassie systems
  • ” This place has had an amazing impact on me. I have learned so much about prioritizing and planning, about myself and others. I have basically become a different person since starting here.”
    Carl Develops harness for Truck cabins
  • ” Thanks to our company ski-trips, I have actually learned to ski since starting here. One of them gave me a broken thumb - still worth it, though! ”
    Miro Develops harness on buses

What is your passion?

inContext is growing rapidly and we are currently looking for people who want to grow with us.

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