What attracted you to inContext?
I saw an opportunity were you could combine both technical challenges and team spirit! I always wanted to work with technology in challenging assignments were one could both learn and develop on a personal and technical level, something I strongly felt that inContext could provide. Futhermore, as a big fan of team sports and camaraderie, I felt right from the start that this is very present at inContext, where the colleagues are more than happy to share their passions, uniqueness and driving forces with each other, which I personally like and appreciate.

What are you hoping to contribute to inContext?
At inContext, I am hoping to contribute with commitment and drive in the assignment I am in, as well within the social context together with my colleagues, but to also share my experiences with the team.

Mention something about yourself that your colleagues do not already know?
I don’t think many people know that I am a hardcore hard rock/metal fan, and have been to numerous concerts and music festivals troughout the years.

Welcome to inContext, Adam!