What we do

We provide engineering services within the electrical equipment, automotive and home appliances industries, with a unique expertise in with Complete Electrical Systems, Project Management and Mechanical Design.

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Everything we do is about our three Core Values

It starts with the passion of every single employee and results in being the best partner in our field

1. Express Passion

This is our first value and everything starts from here

You start your employment at inContext by writing your Personal Mission Statement. So that we and you know who you are as a person and where you want to be in life.

After six months at inContext you establish your first Personal Development Plan. The plan can be connected to your current assignment, a new role in our Career paths or it can be about you as a person and your personal development areas.

I love to see people challenge their fears. After having conquered fears myself in the past, I decided to become what I like to call β€œan ambassador for unleashed potential.” Matti Shubeli Founder
Q: As founder, what do you do?
A: Since Martin took over the CEO role, my main focus now is meet with new and exiting clients.

2. Honest Relations

Our passion is then expressed in relation to our colleagues and clients

We believe in a long term focus in everything we do, from attracting driven and passionate engineers to join our team, to building and maintaining relations with our valued customers, and to making sure everyone at inContext are motivated, dedicated and inspired working for us.

Transparency, honesty and an open communication are key factors we build every relation on, whether it is with our customers or our colleagues.

3. Be the Best partner in our field

We believe that when passion is allowed to be expressed in relation to one's colleagues and clients, we will be best at what we do. That is the whole theory behind our company.

We have also developed a focus model, since we know that you can’t be best at everything.

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