The annual ski trip had finally arrived, and this year the destination was the beautiful town of Åre. On Thursday evening, a group of more than 50 inContexters gathered at Stockholm station and boarded the night train to Åre, with some experiencing a night train journey for the first time. The theme of trying new things would continue throughout the weekend, with many firsts to come.

After exchanging greetings with colleagues whom some had not seen in a long time and taking an inContext quiz with questions such as “what is Elon Musk’s kid’s name?” and “what does ESD stand for?”, we retired to bed. 

We woke up to a beautiful cold and sunny morning on the train. By nine o’clock we arrived at Åre station. After some arrangements with apartments close to Åre torg, a growing number started to hit the slopes. Some for the steep ones with years of experience and some for the green slopes waiting for the ski instructor to give some tips. One can easily say that the beginners impressed with their boldness and enthusiasm to attack the challenge!

The trip was an opportunity for me to go outside my own comfort zone and do things I normally don’t do. But more than anything it’s a way to get to know my colleagues better and make new friends!

Johan Danmo

Johan Danmo

Component Engineer at inContext

After a full day of activities (some did other than skiing as well) we all met up at the after-ski with a live band, singing and sharing some drinks. Another tradition that makes total sense for someone raised in the skiing community but a little strange for some that participated for the first time. But after all, it seems that everyone got the concept and enjoyed it! To end the party, the door needed to be open and a beautiful sunset hit the room. Then down with the skies on some shaky legs to the town again. The night ended with dinner and socializing in the apartments and Åre town!

The second day began much like the first, with bright sunshine and ideal skiing weather. However, the start time for hitting the slopes varied depending on our skiers’ current conditions. After spending a full day skiing, we took a short break and headed back to our apartments for a sauna, shower, and some rest before meeting up for dinner. For the evening, we had reserved tables at the South American restaurant, Supper, where we enjoyed a delightful nine-course meal filled with laughter, toasts, and delicious flavors. The night continued with a festive house party in one of the apartments, before some went home and some went on..

On our last day, it started snowing, but the weather soon changed to sunshine even before we boarded the train for our journey back home. Speaking of the train ride, it gave us a good eight hours to share and exchange stories with each other, making for a delightful end to our trip.

All at inContext work hard all year to create the possibility to go on these kinds of trips. By taking our employees out of their everyday situations we create an arena to meet each other on a more personal level. We both create new bonds and strengthen old ones. This makes our teamwork become even better, and it lowers the threshold of helping each other when it comes to work. But of course, it's also to have fun and share positive energy together.

Martin Lampinen

Martin Lampinen

CEO inContext

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