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Patani, capital of the old sultanate.

“A strong army, a stable country” is what I read in the first check point I found in Nakhon Si Thamarat: militars armed with big assault weapons and bullet-proof vests made me noticed that I was entering to another Thailand. I was getting into the south east thailand muslim provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, […]

Lao experiences

1 Just after crossing the border check point near Dien Biên Phu it started raining. Descending the wet mountain road I encountered a big monitor lizard which could not notice my presence until the very last moment. Luckily for both of us, it finally jumped into the forest. Then the storm increased and I decided […]

Meo Vac, Bac Ha and Sin Ho: colorful markets

Meo Vac, Bac Ha and Sin Ho Sunday markets gather people from all ethic minorities leaving in the moutains. Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, Dzai, Thai, Dzao among many others goes down the valley for trading or getting supplies. Markets full of diversity and colors. MEO VAC BAC HA SIN HO

Ha Gian, exploring the unknown

It was after lunch and we had two options  to get to Ha Gian: to follow the initial plan or to follow the unknown. For the first option we had the route track, a description of the way, the total ascend and the certantainty that the road was paved. For the second  option we had […]


After two days in the polluted and overpopullated Guangzhou I felt the need to explore the rural side of Guangxi. After the no, no with the bicycle on the train, I took a bus to Hezhou, a small town in the northeast of Guangxi province. There I started cicling again towards  Guilin. Finally I could […]

Ryoshinji zen temple

I woke up and I looked through the window of the wooden cabin in Yamanakako. Still cloudy but at least not raining, or stormy as the previous day, when I rode 40 km climbing towards the Fuji Mountain. My hope was to be able to see the summit of Fuji Mountain, impossible to see the […]