inContext was founded in 2006 and we have, since the start, focused on building long term relations with our clients within the electrical equipment in the automotive and beyond.

We provide consultancy services of experienced and dedicated consultants who support our clients in future defining projects.

This is a school project in the shape of a thesis, practice or similar. Two of our main success factors is our ability to recruit the right people and to adapt to new techniques. With this thesis, we want your help to combine both.

Personal traits is a psychometric field. It’s engineering applied to people, which means it can never be an absolute truth. But it’s an interesting field that we would like to learn more about.

Question to answer
Diversity is one of our main strength. Our about 80 employees comes from more than 20 countries. Can it be so, that those who feel most at home at inContext fills certain traits? Help us to find out.

Scope of the thesis

1. Compare surveys with AI

– Have our current and former employees participate in a Big five survey.
– Have the same people provide a text they have written and run this text in an AI, which also outputs the Big five traits.
– Compare if the results correlate.

2. Mapp to the recruitment success

The specific criteria will be defined together with your supervisor but the basics will be if the recruitment was a good match for the employee, inContext and our clients.