What attracted you to inContext?

I feel attracted by passion to challenge, to gain new engineering knowledge and skills, working abroad in different projects is definitely a big chance to achieve my career and personal dreams. I am also attracted since inContext is giving me the opportunity to have a balance between work and personal life which is very important to me.

What are you hoping to contribute to inContext?

I can contribute to inContext sharing my knowledge and 7 years work experience in electrical automotive systems in order to provide new ideas which help to develop new skills, knowledge and new successful projects.

Mention something about yourself that your colleagues do not already know?

I love rock music, especially from the 70’s and 80’s, I like playing electric guitar, science fiction reading, history, hanging out with friends and outside running. I am also working on a patent project along with my brother, I have obtained too much knowledge regarding food heating and preservation which is a very different area I used to work on.