Electrical system within Battery packs

With the ICE powertrain in the rear-view mirror, EV powertrain development is accelerating and obtaining development opportunities within all components. Over the past couple of years, inContext has supported OEMs in their BEV development with low- and high-voltage systems, as well as components and battery pack development.

Designing a battery pack is challenging, as it combines high mechanical requirements with electrical elements, placing greater demands on the design teams’ knowledge. The presence of a high-voltage battery pack in a mobile application and on the road entails numerous requirements for electrical safety. These mentioned risks, along with considerations of cost, weight, and performance requirements in a development that needs to reach the market ASAP, make product development very exciting!

The product development has challenged mechanical engineers to delve deep into electrical safety requirements, contact resistance, creepage, and clearance, while electrical engineers have been pushed to understand DFM and DFA within tight design spaces. All of these aspects were crucial in finding a serial production solution for the busbars that connect the modules within the pack. inContext was able to provide the necessary knowledge in electromechanical design to create a robust, cost-efficient, and safe solution for the client.

inContext is not only pleased to help the client but also delighted to be part of this exciting product development, tackling these challenges together.

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