Creative engineers in Christmas time still wants to be creative engineers. When Peter joined us after the summer vacation, he didn’t only bring 15 years of experience within electrical installation. He also brought a new tradition.

Peter introduced a new tradition and lead some of our wiring harness projects.

Starting this year, he gathers his colleagues for a gingerbread bus baking after work. With template shapes, that of course are made on a classical drawings format.

This is just one of many Passion Sharing our colleagues have invited to during the year. As other companies, we have an intranet. And as some other companies do, we meet regularly to do Knowledge Sharing.

But maybe the most popular Community on our intranet, is where anyone can share a passion and invite others. It may be cooking from your country cuisine, dancing or gingerbread workshop.

The uniqueness of inContext is the pursuit to let our employees express and develop as full human beings. It can be your career using our Career Plan model or personal development together with our own personal coach – or just do what you love together with your colleagues and friends.