Growth Benefits

In October we reached a long-anticipated development goal: to outgrow our premises here at Telefonplan in Stockholm. Celebrations were in full swing as we held a housewarming party for our newly expanded office, got the whole team together to party, and crowned our king of table tennis.

As part of our continuing mission to grow and improve, we decided last year that our global ambitions could not be contained in our existing premises. The search for a larger space began, and we immediately started negotiations to lease an extra floor in the building that houses our Telefonplan HQ.

In October 2021 we cut the ribbon of our new working space. We plan to use it to house management and dropdown desk stations for consultants mainly working at customer, more R&D satellites, and a place to gather for all at inContext.

We have also built a full-scale Prototype Lab to help our customers with rapid development of cable harness systems and other electrical assemblies. Spectacular lead times and flexibility come as part of the package.

We strongly believe that having R&D and Manufacturing under the same roof offers both teams extremely valuable opportunities to learn from each other as we deliver value with high end prototypes to our customers. We look forward to discovering more special opportunities as our journey continues.

Latest News

Wiring for sustainability

As sustainability is becoming a key issue in transport and logistics, special purpose electric vehicles are spreading. For instance, a Swedish truck manufacturer is developing versatile light electric trucks and resort vehicles. inContext contributes with expert electrical systems knowledge.

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inContext is ready for the autumn!

After a great summer it is time to put the sleeves up and make the magic happen. The best way to start strong is to bring the team together in a special gathering.
For that reason we recently had our inContext kick-off. The day included a lot of team building where both the brain and body had to work hard!

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