inContext Academy 2022

Autumn 2021 we started the inContext Academy. What a successful start we had! As a newly graduated student it is always challenging getting the first job, so we figured we should start an Academy to make the transition between student life and working life a bit smoother.

The inContext Academy is a program for newly graduated students that are eager to acquire their first work experience and who are curious about electronics or mechatronics.

In the beginning of the program it’s all about getting to know each other. The employees get to know what kind of assignments inContext has, and we get to know about their passion and interests in order to make sure that the new employees get to work with what they have an interest in, according to their goals and career plan. There are also workshops and classes within the most common systems. There are regular meetings with the mentor and manager to make sure that the right support is there during the whole program. The goal of the program is to find an assignment that suits the employee.

Meet the 2021 team

Last year we had five talented people, all with different passions within the engineering field of electronics, and we couldn’t be happier or prouder with the result! We would like you to meet the class of inContext Academy 2021, what they do now, and their description of the first time here.

How come that you applied to the Academy of inContext?

Rohit: I have been following inContext since my first day in Sweden in August 2019. I was interested towards the activities they do, especially working for a sustainable cause. This really developed my interest in working with the latest technologies, so then I applied to inContext.

What was your first impression of inContext?

Rohit: I found inContext as a great workplace, since this is my first full-time job here in Sweden, I was really excited for it and was glad to meet such humble and helping people in the office.

Douglas: It’s a very nice atmosphere in the way of the structure of how things work, the attitude of both colleagues and management. I could feel that inContext is genuine with the employees and makes people feel comfortable. I have received a lot of responsibility very quickly and am feeling valued here.

What is it like working as a consultant?

Jose: The fact that you get to try different roles and work in many departments, even different companies sometimes, is the biggest plus for me. Specially if you are not sure on what area you want to specialize in yet.

Douglas: Working as a consultant is really nice because you get a lot of variation. There is no chance that I could have done the same development somewhere else. I have been working with different assignments and I think I have achieved more insight of the full production chain here since there is a consultant in every part of it and we all learn from each other. There is also the opportunity to try a lot of different assignments so you can find the one that you really like.

How would you describe the cooperation with your manager/mentor?

Abhisek: Both my manager and mentor are friendly and encouraging.  They are always understanding and ready to help me understand the Swedish way of working and helping me in my projects.

Jose: Great! We have meetings every other week to check the progress in my assignment. He asks me if I need help with something, how is the workload and so on… We also have social activities every month when we go out with the group and the manager and play bowling, gotcha, have some dinner etc. As I said here it’s more like a friendship kind of relationship 🙂 We also get a lot of feedback from them regarding our performance.

How would you describe the culture at inContext?

Rohit: The main thing that creates a wonderful atmosphere here at inContext is its people. The team is really helpful in all perspectives. The management team also emphasizes and puts efforts in the well-being of its employees. So far we have had many social events, which are really important to get to know each other in a much better way.

Would you recommend inContext Academy to a friend?

We are now looking for more people that would like to to do the same journey as the employees from class of 2021. Read more and send in your application for inContext Academy 2022 here.

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