inContext Prototype Workshop

Building Cables, Building Value

Seeing the need from existing clients for quick prototypes and leveraging the  harness production experience in the team unlocked a new business area for InContext: the Cable Harness Prototype Workshop. 

We understand the problems

The long lead times from serial suppliers and rigorous requirements of production-ready documentation were highlighted as real problems for several clients. Therefore, when inContext offered support, the goal was to solve the pain points for the customers by connecting the dots from idea to delivery. Many clients were happy to give it a try as a complement to their current prototype solutions.

“Knowing our customers needs, we thought it would be good to start with a larger project to have all capabilities in-house, from design to finalized prototype, to save both time and headaches for our client” – Mikael Carpelan, CEO at inContext

We create the solutions

While each customer is unique, inContext follows a proven process – understand the customer’s needs, work together with the customer to develop the solution, and deliver a solution that exceeds expectations. 

We have provided cable harness prototyping solutions in different product segments: buses, trucks, cars, boats, off-road machines, airplanes & military vehicles. Each cable harness project brings fresh challenges with different standards and requirements but also allows us to deliver the value in different ways. 

“The strength of the whole organization works within R&D, we understand the needs from our clients’ development. They work in a changeable environment where we need to handle both changes and deliveries based on rough sketches.” – Per Fernlund, COO at inContext

We build the future of engineering

The inContext workshop has been growing continuously and is now a professional facility with space, tools, and storage that enables professional cable harness prototyping. In addition to the 3D printer, the workshop unlocks a full range of possibilities for prototyping and development for our engineers.

But for inContext, solving issues with products and prototypes is not only positive for the workshop – it unlocks knowledge for our team internally as well. Our engineers can easily walk into the workshop for support, perspective or build their own products. During the years, several people have started in the workshop to learn the craftsmanship and gained hands-on experience before taking on design assignments within the core areas of inContext.

“To understand the full product development process, from the first sketch to a prototype in your hands, is vital knowledge for every engineer to make the right choices in the design phase,” says Mikael Carpelan.

Looking forward

inContext will continue to develop the workshop, always with the vision to solve more problems for our clients. The current focus on cable harness and prototype assemblies will continue and our desire to improve the speed, quality and technical solutions is strong. The importance of the inContext workshop is clear, both in broadening our offering for our customers and as a value add for our team.

If you have a need for cable harnesses or prototypes please contact us for further discussion!

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