inContext ski trip 2022

“Sliding through the mountains of happiness” that’s the motto of one the most unforgettable ski trips at inContext. The spring-sun flowing down from the northern Swedish skies, reflecting its light beautifully in the white slopes, was just the opening for a weekend full of adventures, relaxing moments, laughs, dancing but above all a weekend were the the entire inContext team came closer together.
Every year the inContext team puts on the ski boots, packs a great amount of good energy and travels towards the white Swedish mountains, surrounded by the most crystal clear blue sky and warm sun (ok, not so warm, but as least it’s beautiful when it shines). This year was no exception. Two full days of skiing, relaxing at the spa, amazing food and landscapes that will forever be carved in our memories were just part of a great recipe for a successful team bonding weekend. During the day the more experienced elegantly glided down the white slopes, enjoying the speed, the wind and the deep connection with nature, whereas the rookies (rookies but strong and adventurous!) enjoyed the unforgettable and numerous falls on the not so soft, but yet beautiful white snow. But despite the falls everyone was happy and rejoicing by the fact that it was their first time skiing and for the quality time spent with their colleagues. The atmosphere was great and it only made the team stronger and closer. But this wasn’t all! These white and sunny days were followed by two amazing and unforgettable evenings. Not only we had great food in the company of each others allowing us to have time for amazing conversations, games that were fun to play and showed how strong we are as a team but also an evening full of dancing, jumping, laughing and singing that will forever stay in our memories as one of the most memorable inContext evenings! This trip not only created unforgettable moments but it also strengthen the relations between everyone which results on a stronger team were everyone works together for the growth of the company.
Rita Caldas

Rita Caldas

Cable Harness Engineer at inContext

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