inContext Summer Party

Summer is here and with it comes the possibility to enjoy some nice weather outside in good company. So, to celebrate summer and to sum-up this year so far, we all came together for an afternoon full of fun, good energy, talks, laughs and food.

But summer in Sweden, as we all know, it is, let´s say, special, and this time was no exception. We were “blessed” with the heaviest rainstorm when we were supposed to spend some time playing boule before an amazing dinner. However, we do electrify the world with our amazing team energy and not even the rain can stop us! And just like that we put our raincoats on, umbrellas open and…let the game begin! We happily played under the rain until the very end! This only shows how strong we are as a team and no matter what, we make it happen!

After an amazing and warm speech by our CEO it was time to gather around the tables and enjoy not only the dinner but an evening full of great conversations, team bonding and an amazing atmosphere.

inContext is much more then just a company, inContext is a family where we grow together every day, making the team stronger, working for a better future and these events only strengths that connection.

inContext wants to wish you all an amazing summer vacations with time to relax and charge the batteries. And even if it rains remember this day and take it as a reminder that rain is just confetti from the sky to refresh you after some warm days.

Picture of Rita Caldas

Rita Caldas

Cable harness engineer at inContext

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