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Then join us, and let inContext be the next step in your career. We believe in developing your skills, your passion, and your outlook, so that together we can create the future. With passion, curiosity and a whole lot of drive, we are the experts that some of Sweden’s greatest companies partner with. We are proud to have team members from many different nationalities as we are certain that a heterogeneous group contributes to a better workplace.

If you want to grow together with talented people who are creating the future, we have the job for you.

Who are we and what do we offer?

  • A unique opportunity to be part of exciting projects either here at our offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, or at our customers’ sites.
  • Excellent opportunities to take command of your personal development and take on challenging tasks.
  • A workplace characterized by an open atmosphere and proud, welcoming employees.
  • To be part of our team of talented engineers providing the solutions that will help us reach the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. 

Do you want to build the future?

Meet the team

Photo of Carl Gregefors



The best part about working at inContext is that you very much feel like you are surrounded by friends, not just co-workers. You know you can always find help if you have issues and people will always have your back in a tough situation. My favorite part of being a cable harness engineer is that you need to really get to know the technical details of the product you are working with in order to come up with the best solution. inContext has always been good at arranging fun after work activities, and it’s hard to pinpoint just one. The summer parties especially are always a highlight of the year to look forward to.”



In the automotive industry, transforming ideas and designs into prototype products is a dynamic process.
The satisfaction in creating a prototype wire harness from concept to production is unparalleled. Witnessing initial ideas materialize into a tangible, functional product provides a profound sense of accomplishment. The process involves a continuous learning curve, gaining insights into material selection, electrical systems, and manufacturing intricacies.

As you navigate challenges and iterate through designs, the expanding knowledge base becomes a valuable asset. Understanding how each component contributes to the overall functionality fosters a deep appreciation for the intricacies of wiring systems. The culmination of this journey, seeing the prototype seamlessly transition to production, brings a unique blend of professional pride and the fulfillment of contributing to cutting-edge advancements in automotive technology.

Photo of Jacob



The most exciting part of my job is concept development. When you are not quite sure of what you will end up with and trying different ideas, seeing the problem from another perspective and allowing yourself to be creative. inContext truly feels like a family. Everyone is really friendly and happy to help whenever you ask. For me it makes a big difference knowing that if I ever need help I have my colleagues support.