Just after crossing the border check point near Dien Biên Phu it started raining. Descending the wet mountain road I encountered a big monitor lizard which could not notice my presence until the very last moment. Luckily for both of us, it finally jumped into the forest. Then the storm increased and I decided to get sheltered in a bamboo hut that was next to the road. When I was jumping off my bike two women came and invited me in. It was the goats hut. We socialized a bit meanwhile they were feeding the animals and waiting for the rain to stop.  

I was getting hungry and I stopped in a very small village to check the map. Suddenly a man came with happiness on his face and a cup of rice wine in his hand. He offered me to drink meanwhile I was recovering my breath. After trying the local liquor a man came with a funny smile and a recently grilled fish. I laughed and I accepted the fish meanwhile I was getting off my bike. They were teachers at the local school that was getting inagurated. They invited me to join the party with the kids, teachers and parents.


Grilled squirrel, forest rat, dried fish, unknown meat on stick and sticky rice… dinner’s menu at the night market of the small village of Pak Nam Noi.


First Buddhist temple experience. After taking out my cycling shoes to enter the Buddha’s room, a monk welcomed me. After noticing my cyclist outfit he asked about my trip and offered me water, mango juice and apples.


Luang prabang, old capital of Laos. Considered nowadays the spiritual capital of the county with an active spiritual live. French colonial buildings melt with Buddhist temples between Bougainvillea plants and coconut trees. Amazing food that tells about the history of this charming city where monks and tourists are proportional balanced.


6:00 am, alms giving to the Buddhist monks at Luang Prabang. Daily procession of the novices and monks of the different temples to get food for the day. Poor people, generally poor kids, lay in the floor to get some food from the monks when their baskets are full.


Kuan Si Waterfalls






FC Barcelona in Laos: Perhaps because Lao flag has the same colors as the FCB flag or maybe because is one of the best teams of the world…anyways I felt proud of my hometown football team..