Wondering who is behind inContext and its success? Meet Matti, the founder and CEO at inContext.


Hi Matti! Tell us: As CEO, what do you do at the office?

My role is to handpick the best people in the field and create an environment where they can grow. The best part about this job is that I get to contribute to each employee expressing their passions and watch as that leads us to customer success. Even after ten years, it is still pure joy every time.

Tell us the story behind the name inContext?

A few years after graduating, I was involved in several PLM projects at some of Sweden’s largest developing companies. As I gained more experience, I realized this kind of projects often had several problems: so much is done the way it has always been done, even if that way is neither the most effective, nor the one gaining the best results in the end. I also realized that as the projects proceeded, focus and impact shifted, from the actual development process of the company, to IT and IT-tools suppliers. Today, this market is more mature.

I constantly saw all these possibilities; how we could work more cost-effective regarding products and solutions. I wanted to put things in their right context, to question the dogma of how things should be done – everything from PLM projects to the recruitment process. This kind of thinking became the foundation of inContext.

What does passion mean to you?

inContext is built to give the greatest possible customers success. But that is not why we do what we do. Our individual passions are why. By making people discover their passion, they will do their jobs better than anyone else.

That is why, every month, an employee gets to introduce his or her passion to everyone at the company, as a social activity. It is also the reason we have a financial policy stating that we shall be more generous if the cost is related to a passion. So far, we have done everything from performing a modern circus to surfing in France.

It is important to also incorporate passion while working on site. For example: I asked one of our consultants what he loves the most and got the answer  “I love to teach others to run”. I said: “Okay, I will pay your salary to do that while on the job.” A year later our brand is well known to all run loving managers at Scania and Electrolux and, even better, known by this genuine guy who really loves what he does.

So, tell us about your own passion!

Like it says in my Personal Mission Statement: I love to see people challenge their fears. After having conquered fears myself in the past, I decided to become what I like to call “an ambassador for unleashed potential.” My favorite part is asking every single employee what they love (and love something they must, to be in our team). Because I know that when you start to walk the path towards your passion, you tend to do amazing things.

We are growing faster than ever. Who would you like to see join our team?

We value, of course, experience: from our field in general and especially from our customers. But even more important than experience is your potential to grow. You do not have to have everything figured out, but you do need to have an inner drive to express yourself, to learn and to grow. You have to be emotionally mature. In the work we do, it is also good to be able to take in a lot of information while solving a problem and deliver the solution in a pedagogic package.