The turn to share passion has now come to our consultant manager, Mikael. As his passion being water sports, such as kite and wind surfing, he took us to the Cable Park outside of Arlanda airport.

We were divided into two groups. One got to warm up with some beach volley ball, a tasty hamburger, a beer and the starting of an amazing sunset. The other group jumped into their wet suits and strapped the wakeboards. Ready to tame Poseidon and ride on his waves. It was much harder and more fun than what we were prepared for.


Mikael, in the middle, raising his board in victory after mastered the big ramp.


The turn was hardest. Having the right balance in the knees and the tension of the rope did the trick.
It was the first time for Johan, and most of us, on a wake board.


This is just one of the ways that Sam contributed with craziness last night.

We got to know Mikael a bit more and got to try something new. Most of us will come back and try to beat him when it comes to the height of the ramp, and especially how gracefully he managed it.

Thank you for sharing your passion!