Ever since I was at the KTH University, I was fascinated by robots and autonomous machines. It was my main interest during my studies. That’s why I was involved in a robot building club at the Student Union, it was a really fun and exciting experience.

Luckily, I had a chance to develop that as my passion here at inContext. The subject about autonomous vehicles was even brought up in the interview process. So, this is how my road began.

First, the focus was to get an assignment at Scania, so I had to get familiar with the company and learn how my competencies can help them. Then I was working on engine system diagnostics, more precisely on software development for embedded applications. However, in parallel, I was working with my manager Mikael Carpelan on my CareerPlan and long-term goal: building autonomous vehicles.

The first step was to precisely identify the goal and write it down. I discussed it openly with my manager and he was really helpful. Later on, during our follow-up meeting every other week, Mikael found potential assignments at Scania and together we considered my future tasks, whether they were interesting or challenging for me.

In the beginning, I had to do a lot of studying in my spare time to gain the right competencies. Also, I was working on a couple of robots at the same time and in that way, I practiced what I had studied, developing not only my theoretical knowledge, but also my practical skills.

Finally, my manager found the right opportunity for me where I could apply all my skills and knowledge and develop them further. Now I work in Scania, where I’m involved directly in the production of autonomous vehicles. It is exactly what I wanted, even better than expected.