When I graduated within Design and Product Development I knew that I wanted to work with engineering tasks close to industrial design and user needs. I spent the first months at inContext in-house, doing every relevant course that I could find. Anything from CAD courses and Surface design to Plastic part design and product development. Thanks to this I was able to see more clearly what I wanted to work with: Surface design and plastic part design.

The first assignment I got was at Scania as a Harness Designer. Here I learned a lot about project work, Scania’s vast internal systems and cooperation in such a large company. But in order to get closer to working with what I want I also spent a lot of time with self-studies.

After a while, I was able to start my second assignment as Design Engineer for parameterized CAD models within exhaust systems at Scania. Here I was able to make use of my acquired skills in surface design and work with the group’s parameterized surface models for CFD simulations.

During this time, I and my manager Mikael worked on my PDP where the end goal was an assignment within Plastic part design and surface modeling. When my assignment at Scania came to an end, I got the opportunity to go to an interview at Electrolux for a job as Plastic Part designer for vacuum cleaners. When I went to the interview I felt that I had what was needed to get a good start at the assignment, and the group manager seemed to think so to.

Today I work on my assignment at Electrolux as a Plastic Part Designer. I work in a Design Engineering group with a team that is responsible for all plastic parts of a certain vacuum cleaner. We work closely with the Industrial Designers and do a lot of prototyping and plastic part design, with my main responsibility being FFF (fit, feel, finish). It feels great to work with something where my education, previous assignments and self-study efforts have helped me to reach my goal.

Recently I’ve also taken over the internal role as responsible for plastic part design at inContext. I’m so excited to be part of shaping this area and I’m sure that we will make it one of our greatest assets.