This Saturday a group of robot enthusiasts met and competed in the Robot Championship in the Technical Museum in Stockholm.

inContext sponsored the event together with Scania, Electrolux and ÅF. And the big investment inContext has made the last year within embedded system did really show in this event. Two of our colleagues, Joel and Marcus, arranged the event and two of our colleagues competed, Stefan and Martin.

It was inspiring to see all these smart, engaged and passionate people participating in the event. The effort they have put in and all the things they have learnt in the preparation for this.

Because of this we were also so proud to see our colleague, Martin, winning the Mini-sumo battle, especially since he also won last year.

Martin: Winner in mini-sumo and embedded developer at inContext

The three battles took place in:

  • Mini-sumo: Two and two the robots met in a ring and, like in common sumo, it was all about getting your competitor’s robot out of the ring.
  • Folk race: The first robot driving itself 10 rounds around a curved path by itself, without any interference from a human.
  • Follow the line: To follow a black line on a white surface.