What attracted you to inContext?

I love the friendly atmosphere at inContext and how the company focuses on the employeesโ€™ passions and career development. Having a work-life balance is important for maintaining an overall life balance. Plus, working in a team with people from all around the world can only make it better, as different aspects, ideas and thoughts can be shared to create not only better solutions but also a more joyful working environment.

What are you hoping to contribute to inContext?

I hope I can use my passion for engineering to contribute to the growth of the companyโ€™s potential. For me, being an engineer means carrying a sense of wonder for the world around you. Understanding how things work and why. Understanding that there is an underlying mathematical and mechanistic basis and using it to create completely new things, limited only but our imagination. InContext is in the front-line of a developing world and I hope I can contribute my skills to help the team push the limits even further.

Mention something about yourself that your colleagues do not already know?

I have a big passion for travelling and meeting new people. And I have found a hobby that combines both of them in the most engaging and meaningful way. Dancing Tango! I can talk for hours about the magic world of tango but I will choose to wait until corona is over and invite everyone to a tryout class and a tango night.