What is a coach – and why does inContext have one?

I work with our employees in finding their passion and investigating if there is anything standing in the way of them becoming who they want to be. Most of us are constantly convincing ourselves of a lot of “truths” about what we want and who we are. Often, there is very little truth to these, but they are so real to us that we live by them, often missing out on a lot of our potential. When you examine who you truly are and start to question your “truths,”  your potential opens up in an amazing way. A coach assists you in doing just that.

Tell us a bit more about your tasks?

I help all new recruits create their Personal Mission Statement and Personal Development Plan, taking a good look at you, your values and your ambitions. Together we revisit it every six months, tracking your process and working through any issues you might have.

I also work with the team on a daily basis; every employee can book a session with me whenever they want to and I help out if there is a problem of a non-technical nature, like how to handle stress at work (it is almost never an issue of how big your work load is!) I also give coursesin value-based leadership and give lectures from time to time.

What is the best part about your job?

To see people feel better, to watch them develop and grow by opening them up to new perspectives, is truly amazing.  I love to help “scratch the surface” and get down to what is really important. My absolute favorite part is when someone has that “aha-moment” and comes up to me and says: “Jessica, I thought about that thing you said…”

How does one find their passion? It seems hard!

First, I would just like to remind everyone that passion does not have to be your life’s sole purpose. Just think of it as something that gives you energy, something that makes you happy. It is always a good idea to start by asking yourself a few questions, for example: When am I the most myself? When do I feel the most alive? And take it from there.

Who do you think should apply for a job at inContext?

Everyone who wants to feel a meaning in what they do on a daily basis. This does not automatically translate into “drive” or career. It is about being open to reflections, to expressing oneself and not wanting to fit in by all means. Everyone who wants their working-hours to be fun, should apply.

Tell us about your passion?

Well that’s easy – my job! To be able to change and to challenge people, to make a difference. To watch as people grow and dare to become who they truly are. I also love giving lectures and undertaking new courses, when I get a chance.


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