Meet our People and Culture manager

"At inContext we value you as a person. You are part of a family." These are the words of our People & Culture manager, Katarina, and who can better describe the working environment than her? But first, who is Katarina?

Katarina is a very positive, easygoing and social person. And yes, as you might have guessed by now, she is indeed a people person, and that’s why she loves her job. Helping people find their dream job and get their everyday life together, is what truly brings her joy. Katarina is a creative person which makes her attracted to new projects, challenges and adventures, and those are all important ingredients to find the right solutions.

Katarina previously worked in HR for other companies within recruitment, competence development and project management. For her, the most important part of her work is to find the right fit – not only for the company, but also for the employee. In her own words “You spend so much time at work that you should be able to work with something you like and are passionate about”.

Despite her background as a recruiter consultant, she has always been curious about internal recruiting. This would give her the opportunity to closely follow the hired employees, their development and assure that they have a great place to work. Also, it would give her the possibility to really feel and understand the company from within, allowing her to better find the perfect match according to what the company does, and not only the job position. She would be hiring for the company she would work for and her “client” would be her direct colleagues. These were the key factors that made her interested in the role as People and Culture Manager at inContext.

You spend so much time at work that you should be able to work with something you like and are passionate about.

The fact that inContext is such a multicultural company was another golden start for Katarina. Working with so many different cultures and finding people that fit the company’s culture, is definitely something that fits her profile. Such a multicultural environment only makes a company stronger due to the input of different ideas, concepts and perspectives, always in a respectful way and with the goal of always working in a team, and for a team.

Katarina warmly remembered the interview she had with the managers at inContext. The nervous moment of entering a room with all of them soon became a warm, relaxed and extremely welcoming feeling giving her the realization that this was the company’s energy where teamwork and good energy are the main rulers. From that moment on she was sure that inContext was THE company to work for.

But the question still remains, what makes inContext such a special company? And such a great place to work at? Well, according to Katarina, the answer is easy. At inContext you are not only colleagues, you become good friends. Everyone cares for each other, both professional and privately. There is a focus on each person’s needs, passions, goals and career plans. At inContext the employee has the possibility and flexibility to try different assignments and projects. There is a good balance between workload and team bonding, which includes different types of activities. It is a very integrative company, where different cultures and different people come together, in a very professional, friendly and open minded environment. All with the same goal to strive for something better. inContext is a very professional company, always eager to learn and improve, contributing with the best present and future solutions, where sustainability is one of the main keywords.

Nevertheless a company’s greatness is also measured by its long term goals and there inContext also shows to have a clear mindset. One of the main goals is to expand, not only from the employees point of view but also in terms of leadership and clients. inContext wants to expand and emplace more focus on international clients. But dear employees rest assured that you will always be inContext’s main priority. To spread the word about what inContext is and does, starting cooperations with universities and schools is one of the near future goals. inContext has the clear aim of becoming THE consultant company with the best reputation among employees and companies. “We are the experts within our field. You can count on us.” is one of inContext mottos.

We truly hope that you dear reader, after Katarina’s words, have a clear idea of who inContext is. But if you are in doubt, come and meet us and we will receive you with open arms (and a warm coffee).

Picture of Rita Caldas

Rita Caldas

Cable Harness Engineer at inContext

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