Our team consists of 80 engineers

eager to assist and complete your team - or outsource your projects

At inContext, we are specialized in three main areas. In each of these areas, we pride ourselves for having dedicated, professional and driven consultants who do their outmost for our customers in making sure projects and assignments meet targets and deadlines, and where delivery and commitment matter most.

  Complete Electrical Systems. We are constantly focused on being the best partner in this field, where we have many of the largest Swedish companies as our customers. We provide expertise in Wire Harness Design, ECUs (system software development), HW/SW components and Embedded HW design. Our expertise reach far within design and development, installation, drawings, components, purchasing – and the IT process behind it all. We are a complete Electrical partner.
  Mechanical Design. Our engineers provide mechanical design solutions to our customers in a wide range of projects. We always make sure that we have experienced engineers in our teams, who can provide our customers with the expertise and dedication they expect from inContext – no matter what industry or line of business.
  Project Management. We provide project leaders and project managers – from junior to senior levels – who have the right skills and personality to lead vast projects, with a focus on project planning, tight deadlines and budget planning in a technical setting.

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True passion

for what we do

We know that by teaming our engineers with an assignment that aligns with their passion and drive, true interest and dedication takes place, leading to great results for the customer, the assignment and the consultant. inContext is market leading in one of our fields, proving that passion really does make a difference.

  • ”You always manage to find the best people - I wonder how you do it?” Martin Lampinen Scania - Head of Harness Design - Cab