We sat down with Henrik (left), one of our engineers and asked him to spill the beans.


Why did you decide to become an engineer?

I have always been good at the practical stuff,  have always liked building things, or opening up something that is broken, to see if I could fix it or try to examine how it works. Engineering felt like a natural choice.

Tell us about your passion!

Like I said, I really like to build stuff; be it a piece of clothing or furniture, or a guitar. I love using my creativity to develop things and to solve problems. I also really enjoy travelling and have a lot of experience backpacking all over the globe, it is the best way to meet people and make friends. And I love ice-hockey – go Brynäs IF!

What made you chose to work at inContext?

I got a good impression right at the interview, actually. I had gotten a few other offerings after graduating, but the list of potential assignments and all the opportunities to learn and grow continuously here, was very appealing to me.  

Tell us a bit about your assignment.

I am currently working at the Special Vehicles department at Scania, involved in a few different projects, all tied to one big assignment. I actually can’t talk that much about it, but I can tell you that we develop customized defence trucks. As of right now, that means I spend my days making up concepts, developing ideas depending on unique customer requests.

What kind of support do you get while out on assignment?

If I need help understanding a system or program, there is always a kind colleague there, ready to assist. InContext also has an internal educational program, which lets you mark the skills you would like to learn, and be put in touch with a colleague who can provide shorter training. When I first started working I also had a mentor who made a huge difference, always being there to answer all my questions, both the stupid and the difficult ones.

What have you learned since you started working with us?

This assignment has taught me a lot, mainly about trucks, but also about other aspects of this job. I am also taking a course in leadership, taught by our coach at inContext, which I really enjoy and that teaches me a lot.

What is the best part about your job?

My work is very diversified and I learn a lot every day. I get to work with all different parts of military trucks; everything from the driver’s environment, to adjusting sensors in the exhaust-system.

What does the Personal Mission Statement mean to you? 

The habit of writing down the things  that I want to accomplish and what is important to me, examining my different roles in life, provides an overview of my values, reminding me of where I’m heading and of what is important. It makes me more aware of where I am right now and where I’m going.

Your favorite memory since starting here?

That has to be the Christmas Party that all of us went to right when I first started, in 2014. That is where I got to meet everyone for the first time. It was a wonderful atmosphere and I just felt like I fit right in.   

What challenges are you looking forward to next?

I am looking forward to putting what I have learned in the leadership course to use in real life. I’m excited to get new assignments, meeting new clients and facing new challenges,  gaining more experience and more knowledge as I work.


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