Sustainability work at inContext

At inContext, we have increased our focus on sustainability during 2021. We are not only talking about it, but we have also ramped up our actions on sustainability. During the year we have started a sustainability team that have worked with the focus for inContext to become a greener company.

As part of Data Respons we are actively working with our footprint both on the environment and society. We believe that new technology is a key enabler for a more sustainable world. In fact, many of our projects are contributing through the innovation of smarter and greener technology solutions, leaving a lasting sustainable footprint. We aim to choose customers and assignments that work in this direction and accelerate the development towards green technologies so that we can do the best and biggest impact with our knowledge and resources. But also, our everyday behaviour needs to change to become more sustainable as a company. 

One of the steps during 2021 towards becoming a company for the future has been to set up a sustainability team. The team has investigated different areas such as managing waste from our own offices, suppliers’ way of reducing shipments and dialogue of ecological footprint marking. Workshops and lectures have been held on several occasions to increase awareness among employees. On top of that, surveys have been performed on transport habits by employees. Mainly to understand how we as a company can start addressing the per capita biggest source of emissions in Sweden, personal transport. The results from the survey were presented in a report, listing several actions that can be taken to reduce emissions from employee commuting.

For internal operations, we started to investigate our in-house production unit where we have been looking into innovative solutions to reduce waste. By consolidating our most experienced production engineers, a training program has been set up to work in a smart and sustainable way. Another example is by setting up a DIY-box with electrical waste for our employees to use in their own home projects. By that, what is waste for the production could be used in a value adding feature somewhere else. We have also started a dialogue with suppliers and requested ecological footprint on some of the products that we are buying to step by step get better knowledge of our own ecological footprint within inContext products.  

In the office we have during 2021 secured for 100% renewable, fossil-free energy usage in both our offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In line with the preferences from the owners Data Respons, we now also have a policy on sustainable and green transport by inContext employees. 

Looking ahead towards 2022, we are sure that we find new ways to lower inContext footprint on the climate. In reducing our own emission as helping our customers developing new more sustainable technologies. At inContext we are very confident that we will handle all these challenges in the best of ways!

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