A sustainable workplace

At inContext we aim to balance productivity and environmental responsibility, when we talk about developments and goals for the year, we do mention sustainability as one of our core missions. During the past few years, our focus has been to make inContext a sustainable workplace, many actions have been taken and more are in the pipeline.

The future of workplaces greatly relies on embracing sustainable practices. As more and more organizations recognize the interdependency of economic, environmental, and social factors business landscapes continue to evolve toward more sustainable practices. inContext tries to be at the forefront; from health activities like running marathons to educational workshops, we have come a long way to promote sustainability and make inContext a greener company.

Our business model promotes sustainability as a head step, almost all our projects are based on the criteria of sustainability. No matter whether we build trucks or design substations, sustainability is our key focus to combat global emissions. It is worth mentioning, that we are completely renewable in nature, whatever energy we consume in our offices comes from renewable resources. Our waste sorting and recycling are also dealt with in a sustainable manner. We do take care of our supply chain too, we track our products and assess the origin of our components so that the parts that are supplied to us are being developed sustainably.

Being part of Data Response, we actively work on assessing our carbon footprints. Every year we have reporting and assessment of risks, and then we analyze and see how the issue of carbon footprint could be addressed so we as a company can become carbon-neutral by 2025. This year we also had such detailed reporting in which we investigated all of our activities and purchased goods during the year 2022. Each and every activity was reported, and carbon missions were evaluated.

inContext also has an Eco-friendly travel policy, all the employees are encouraged to commute by public transport, and for longer distances a ticket reimbursement is provided. During the year, a transport survey was also conducted to analyze the mode of commute for employees to the workplace, which was further assessed to improve the way of commute for the employees. inContext also takes care of its employees’ health, we have a free-standing court booked for badminton and Padel every week. This encourages more and more people to take part in healthy activities.

Transitioning to a sustainable workplace is a journey, which requires collaboration, commitment, and continuous improvement. inContext is committed to making impactful actions, looking forward to the year, we have some activities planned, which focus on educating people about sustainability. We have a sustainability competition coming up that will create a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the employees.

Picture of Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar

Sustainability Ambassador & Design Engineer

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