Travel letter from Brian

As some of you may know, I'm currently on a 6 week long hiking trip across the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. The route is called the HRP, and it's around 770 km with about 40 km total elevation gain (and loss...). I've been sleeping in a tent every night and carrying around 3 days of food.
Photo of mountains

Today I’ve reached Benasque, the halfway point, after 20 days of hiking. It’s been an absolutely great experience so far, and quite difficult. Some highlights have been the misty beech forests of the Basque hills, low barren mountains with eagles and falcons flying close past me, and increasingly high mountains of limestone, slate and granite where I’m often above the low clouds. Especially cool was camping under the Glacier des Oulettes, with clear skies and amazing stars. Challenges have been surprisingly dangerous ridge traverses, trying to avoid stress injuries all around my feet, a couple intense thunderstorms, and having to go 10 days at a time without eating pizza.

Photo of mountains

It’s been nice having a day to recover here in Benasque, but I’m excited for the 20 days ahead. Soon I’ll be in Andorra and then Catalonia – so much more left to see! Thanks to inContext for supporting me in pursuing my passion, and i look forward to seeing y’all again when i come back!


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Brian Wheeler works as a Mechanical Engineer at inContext

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