What attracted you to inContext?

The thing that attracted me to inContext was the the feeling of honest caring for the employees and their aspirations. The first core value of inContext focuses mainly on personal development and that is was one of the most important aspects when starting my new career. From the blog section on the web page I gathered that there was a wide range of different people working at inContext, and from experience that is a very enjoyable work environment.

What are you hoping to contribute to inContext?

I hope to contribute to the growth and reputation of inContext by being enthusiastic about work and motivated to learn new skills as I progress towards becoming a better engineer.

Mention something about you that your colleagues do not already know?

This is my first technical job and before studying engineering I worked in the Swedish army where I, among other things, did two tours: one tour to Kosovo and one in Afghanistan. When I was young I was a competitive swimmer and I love to swim and dive around in water. Apart from that I am what you would call a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I love spicy indian food.