What attracted you to inContext?

I am fascinated with the work and life balance that inContext promote. This constructive environment will enable me to further my professional career growth and at the same time having a better social life. inContext have a pool of knowledge and know-how that can be accessed through mentorship scheme, supervisor follow-up meetings, group lectures and online support. I really like the social events that inContext organise. It makes me feel always welcome to be a part of the team.

What are you hoping to contribute to inContext?

Positive attitude and goal driven mindset, in my opinion, are values that bring out my full potential towards my pursuit of success in life. I would like to share those values through my work assignments and attending social events. Coming from an aerospace manufacturing background, I would also like to share acquired technical and organisational management skills that may be useful for current and future projects.

Mention something about yourself that your colleagues do not already know?

I have recently moved to Sweden last Oct 2016 and currently learning the Swedish language. Please feel free to speak Swedish if I am in the group conversation. I really appreciate it as it helps me improve my learning. I have a passion for nature and animals. I enjoy camping, fishing and any outdoor events/activities that involve being with nature. I like to be fit and healthy. My favourite work out is boxing. I am currently looking for a good and affordable boxing gym within Stockholm city. Please suggest if you know any.

Welcome to inContext Joseph, we are happy to have you on board!