What attracted you to inContext? The first thing that caught my attention was the way inContext is focused on the growth of their employees professionally and personally. But later, when you go deeper, you start to see the strong partners inContexts works with, and all the social activities that are meant to build solid teams, then you are completely convinced that this is the right place. As an engineer, finding a place where I can feel comfortable without loosing the sight of my goals, is what I needed.

What are you hoping to contribute to inContext? I would like to use my background, both technical and creative, to do my best in each of the assignments I get, and help the company get to higher rates and if I can, to new working areas where the company can grow at the same time I do. I also believe that I have a sociable and fun personality with which I hope to integrate and help create the best work environment wherever I am.

FullSizeRender (6)Mention something about yourself that your colleagues do not already know? Apart from the design, the last 15 years of my life have been centered in music. Back in Spain, I was involved in the Madrid underground scene and have been part of several bands that lead me to exciting things as traveling, play in front of more than a thousand people, collaborate with the media or meet a bunch of creative and wonderful people. I’m also a big fan of Illustration, which I have been doing since I was little but in private or during my work as a freelance graphic designer.