What attracted you to inContext?
The profiles of the other employees on the inContext’s website attracted me to the company.  Hearing about peoples’ passions and hands-on engineering projects gave me the feeling that people would care about their work, and luckily this turned out to be true.  Beyond this, the enthusiasm and kindness of the hiring manager made me feel welcome.
What are you hoping to contribute to inContext?
I am hoping to apply my CATIA experience to efficiently create easily manufactured parts for our customer.  I also want to use my teaching background to clearly communicate design ideas to the customer and within my team.  After I have gained experience at inContext I would love to mentor new employees.
Mention something about yourself that your colleagues do not already know?
I spent most of the year before moving to Stockholm building a very large model rocket to obtain a certification in a US rocketry club. This certification allows the purchase of the largest rocket motors available for sale.  I had to fly the rocket an extra time because a small design flaw caused the parachute to stay closed on the first attempt, damaging the rocket.  Eventually I obtained the certification and it was an extremely rewarding experience.
 Welcome Brian!